Iberdrola has been awarded the EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) certification, a global standard that recognizes companies’ efforts to promote gender equality in the workplace. This certification places Iberdrola among notable institutions like the United Nations, OECD, and the World Bank.

The certification process involved an independent external assessment that reviewed the company’s policies and practices, analysed statistical data, and conducted employee perception surveys. Iberdrola received the second level of certification, EDGE Move, indicating significant progress in integrating equitable practices. This level is typically challenging to achieve in the first year of application. The company aims to reach the highest certification, EDGEplus, by 2026, which includes commitments to diversity in gender, ethnicity, sexual identity/orientation, age, disability, and nationality.

Iberdrola is one of only three energy companies worldwide to hold this certification and is the sole company in its sector in Spain with this recognition. Since the certification’s inception at the World Economic Forum in 2011, only 750 companies across 61 countries have received it.

Iberdrola’s Executive Chairman, Ignacio S. Gal├ín, stated, “Receiving this certification is further proof of our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, which we have been promoting for decades among our over 40,000 employees; and also outside the Company through initiatives such as promoting women’s sports. In the last 20 years, we have doubled the percentage of women in our workforce, we have more than 90 nationalities among our employees and our goal is to continue to advance along this path to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse world and, therefore, a fairer world for everyone.”

Over the past year, Iberdrola has increased the number of women on its team by 8%, with women now holding 34.5% of leadership positions. The company employs professionals from 93 different nationalities and has focused on generational balance by promoting youth employment. Iberdrola has also been part of the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for six consecutive years and is recognized by Forbes among the world’s top companies for female inclusion.