Iberdrola España has successfully obtained environmental approval for the country's inaugural hybrid photovoltaic and hydroelectric facility, named HIDRO Cedillo. The milestone was marked by the publication of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

Situated in Cedillo, Extremadura, HIDRO Cedillo boasts a capacity of 86.4MW and will feature over 160,000 photovoltaic modules with a fixed structure. The project's hybrid nature is designed to optimize grid utilization while mitigating environmental impact in its specific location. By integrating both hydroelectric and solar technologies, the plant aims to reduce dependency on fluctuating environmental conditions, ensuring more stable and efficient renewable energy production.

Iberdrola said HIDRO Cedillo emphasizes a series of environmental protection measures aimed at promoting biodiversity in its surroundings. These initiatives include the construction of additional water points to facilitate water availability for different sectors of the solar photovoltaic plant. The project also incorporates watering troughs for livestock, naturalized ponds for local wildlife, and exclusion zones to safeguard river courses, ponds, unique vegetation, trees, and habitats of interest.

To protect reptiles and amphibians during critical periods of their life cycle, the project includes shelters and anti-collision barriers. For birdlife conservation, a dedicated watchman will monitor and provide supplementary feeding for imperial eagles and golden eagles in the area. Other measures include a dovecote to promote prey species of birds of prey and a refuge for cave-dwelling bats, showcasing Iberdrola España's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Iberdrola's photovoltaic plant in Spain