A US-Turkish consortium led by US company ICF Kaiser, has won a contract from the State Hydraulic Works of Turkey for the design phase of the Alpaslan II dam and hydroelectric power plant project.

The value of the design phase contract is US$6.98M. Following on from this, the consortium expects to negotiate a US$500M contract for the construction phase. The site of the Alpaslan II dam is in eastern Turkey on a tributary of the Euphrates river.

The project will provide 200MW of power to the region which has growing energy demands. The reservoir, with a service area of more than 70,000ha, will also serve as a source of water for a future irrigation project.

The Kaiser Engineers and Constructors will lead the consortium, which includes Harza Engineering Company, ABB Power Generation, Su Yapi Engineering and Consulting and Alpaslan II Construction Joint Venture (ACJV). ACJV is made up of Turkish construction companies Ozisik Construction and Contracting, Yapi Merkezi Construction and Industry and Ekinciler & Construction Partners and Trading.

This project is one of nine hydroelectric projects included in the US Turkey Energy Protocol signed on 26 February 1998, which was initiated by the US Department of Commerce and the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.