The International Hydropower Association (IHA) has announced the publication of its Activity and Strategy Report for 2017-2018, which outlines IHA’s priorities and actions to advance sustainable hydropower while providing an annual update on the progress of its knowledge building and sustainability programmes.

Writing in the report’s foreword, IHA President Ken Adams and IHA Chief Executive Richard Taylor highlight the contribution of IHA’s members to delivering on international climate and development goals.

“Providing enough clean power for a billion people, hydropower is helping to deliver on the ambition of the Paris Climate Agreement by reducing our reliance on sources with harmful emissions,” Mr Adams and Mr Taylor write. “With its economic benefits, its supporting services for other renewables, and freshwater management capability, hydropower also acts as an accelerator for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The report outlines the work of IHA in advancing policies and strategies that strengthen the sector’s performance and delivering value to members.

Tools launched over the past year include the G-res Tool for reporting GHG emissions, the Sediment Management Knowledge Hub to help extend the life of reservoirs, and the Pumped Storage Tracking Tool to showcase hydropower’s capacity to provide clean storage solutions.

IHA priorities for 2018 include the better definition of hydropower’s role in clean energy systems and regional interconnections, unlocking funding for sustainable hydropower projects through green bonds, and promoting new project preparation facilities.

In addition to the IHA membership directory, the report includes information about the next World Hydropower Congress in Paris between 14-16 May 2019. It also showcases highlights from the 2017 Congress in Addis Ababa and IHA’s awards programme.

“IHA’s success rests on a sense of common purpose among its members, and the collaboration, openness and spirit of friendship at the heart of our global network,” write Mr Adams and Mr Taylor.

Read the IHA Activity and Strategy Report 2017-2018.