Indar has won a contract to deliver five vertical generators to the Ivirizu hydroelectric project in Bolivia’s Carrasco National Park.

Operated by the Bolivian National Electricity Company (ENDE), the project included two cascade hydropower plants – Sehuencas and Juntas – which are both located in the Alta Cuenca of the Ivirizu river. Those power plants are connected to the Bolivian SIN (Interconnected national system) through the Juntas-Sehuencas and Sehuencas-Mizque transmission lines.

The Sehuencas plant’s powerhouse is is equipped with three Pelton turbines, generating 205MW in total, while the Juntas Plant’s powerhouse is powered by two Francis turbines, with an output of 91.55MW.

As part of Indar’s deal it will deliver three vertical generators (80MVA each), with a speed of 600rpm to Sehuencas plant, and another two vertical generators (54MVA each) to the Juntas Plant, with a speed of 600rpm. These large generators will produce 348MVA electric output at 11.5kV voltage. Both plants will generate 1160.89GWh per year.

The project will have a total investment of €485 million.