The detail of these projects are as follows:

Main Branch Lower

1. Fatehgarh Sukarchak 600kW

2. Doburji 600kW

Kasur Branch Upper

3. Tibri-l 1346kW

4. Tibri-II 332kW

5. Manchopra 516kW

Kasur Branch Lower

6. Tarsikka 250kW

7. Gehri 60kW

8. Jandiala 60kW

9. Jandiala 160kW

10. Pakhoke 330kW

11. Muradpur 160kW

12. Chotala 50kW

13. Jaura 100kW

Sabraon Branch

14. Rayya 230kW

15. Nagoke 120kW

16. Khanchabri 20kW

Ferozepur Canal System

17. Changaii Khurd 920kW

Abohar Branch Canal

18. Sibtan 100kW

Bathinda Branch Canal

19. Bowani 780kW

20. Poohla 620kW

21. Gobindpura 80kW

22. Bathinda 180kW

23. Teona 230kW

24. Jangirana 10kW

Sidhwan Branch Canal

25. Manpur 490kW

26. Rajgarh 430kW

27. Tibba 360kW

28. Gill 600kW

29. Ludhiana 580kW

30. Jawadhi 370kW

31. BhinderKalan 460kW

32. Lohgarh 240kW

Kotla Branch Canal

33. Bharthala 330kW

34. Ralla 300kW

35. Maur Khurd 30kW

36. Jodhpur 120kW

37. Kot Bakhtu 80kW

Ghaggar Link

38. Rohti 430kW

Ghaggar Branch Canal

39. Sullar 230kW

40. Dialpura 170kW

Western Bein

41. Terkiana Head Works 325kW

42. Kanjli(Near Kapurthala) 50 KW


1. The developers are free to participate for any number of sites on a particular canal system. Separate bid submission is required for each canal system.

2. The details of incentives available to the developers for these projects have been included in the Information Brochure/ Bid Document.

3. Detailed information and terms and conditions are mentioned in the information Brochure/Bid Document. The developers meeting the following eligibility criteria for each of the last three financial years are eligible to bid:

Minimum eligibility requirement/MW of bid capacity:

1. Annual Turnover of the company: Rs 3 crores

2. Net Worth of Company: Rs 1 crore

3. Free Cash Flow: Rs 0.75 crore

The bid Document can be purchased from the office of The Director, PEDA on payment of Rs. 5.000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) by cash or Demand Draft drawn in favour of PEDA payable at Chandigarh. If the documents are desired by mail, an additional sum of Rs. 200/- is payable towards courier charges. This document would be available from 14.11.2005 onwards. A letter stating the name and address of 4he purchasing company and the contact person for further communication should accompany the request for the document.

The technical & financial bids in separate envelope duly accompanied with the processing fee of Rs.5,000/- per site and the bid security shall be accepted up to 1.30 P.M. on 15.12.2005 and the technical bids only shall be opened on the same day at 3,00 pm. PEDA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals/offers without assigning any reasons thereof.