INDIA’S REVITALISED NATIONAL Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) used an international conference and business meeting on non-fossil fuel power generation in New Delhi from 5-7 February 2002, to offer 12 new projects to international developers.

The projects have a combined installed capacity of 23,071MW, with ten projects to be commissioned by 2012. The other two projects, with 11,000MW and 2500MW capacity respectively, would be commissioned after that date.

All 12 projects are located in just three states – Arunachal Pradesh in the east, Jammu and Kashmir in the north and Himachal Pradesh to its immediate south.

By state, Arunachal Pradesh would host 19,900MW over six projects, Jammu and Kashmir 2420MW across four schemes while Himachal Pradesh would have 751MW split between two projects.