The company’s activity will focus primarily on the energy sector, specializing in the manufacture of wind power generators and converters, as well as solar photovoltaic converters, to meet the needs of the North American market. It will also be used to serve the hydro industry by recruiting service engineers for supervision and erection of hydro generators in the North American area, and promoting sales in the region. A source also said it is the company’s aim in the mid-term to manufacture certain ranges of hydro generators in the facilities.

The land for the production plants occupies a total area of 33,500m2, from which approximately 10,000m2 will be allocated for the production plants and offices.Operations are planned to begin in early 2011, with the plant expected to employ 275 people by 2015.

Ingeteam has extensive experience in hydro projects through subsidiary Indar Electric. Indar started its commercial activity in North America in 2005, and is involved in several hydro schemes in Canada.