Japan is to resume funding for Iran’s Masjid-e-Soleiman hydroelectric dam. Funding was stalled in the mid 1990s under pressure from the US, which was seeking to isolate Tehran politically and economically. About US$100M will be involved immediately, but investment could eventually exceed US$1B.

Iran benefited from a first tranche of US$322M of Japanese funding for the Masjid-e-Soleiman scheme. Another two tranches, totalling US$1.27B, had been agreed in principle. The funding will be resumed following a visit to Iran by Japanese officials later this year. The beneficiary will be the Iran Water & Power Resources development Company, which is developing the dam.

Civil works for the dam scheme’s 1000MW first phase are being completed by South Korea’s Daelim Industrial Company. ABB Power Generation has the mechanical and electrical equipment contract. (Full details in IWP&DC July 1999, pp18-22.)