Kemijoki Oy has signed an agreement to outsource operations and maintenance of 16 hydropower plants in Finland to Caverion.

Under the agreement, approximately 80 current employees of Kemijoki Oy will be transferred to Caverion Industria Ltd on 1 March 2014 as existing employees.

Kemijoki Oy said it is making the change to becomes a client and specialist organization in hydropower production, and will purchase a significant number of its current functions from service providers in the future.

“With the new operating model, we are able to renew ourselves better and adjust to changing needs," said Tuomas Timonen, President and CEO of Kemijoki Oy. "Instead of construction, the company’s future investments will concentrate on developing the responsibility of its operations for example in environmental matters. With Caverion we had a common vision about the service coverage and qualitative content."

In addition to this agreement, Kemijoki Oy signed a contract with Administer Oy to transfer financial and payroll administration operations.