The Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL) of India has initiated six different power projects to add 960MW to the state grid by 2001. The aim is to minimise the peak season power shortage (currently about 20%).

In addition to commissioning of the fifth unit of the Raichur thermal power station, five other projects are to be completed during the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 fiscal years. They include three hydroelectric projects: Kadra (3x40MW), Kodasalli (3x40MW) and Gerusoppa (4x60MW). It is expected that all three units at Kadra will be commissioned before 1999-2000. Two units at the Gerusoppa project are scheduled for commissioning by 2001.

The hydro units commissioned by KPCL since 1997 include one 50MW unit at Kadra, one additional 6MW unit on the Bhadra right bank canal and one 40MW unit at Kodasalli.

In the state of Karnataka some 73% of the power generated is derived from hydro power. Hydro power potential in the area is estimated at 6500MW, of which about 2600MW has so far been developed.