The Masjed-e-Soleiman hydro power station in Iran is progressing well, and lahmeyer claims that on completion it will be the largest and most modern run-of-river scheme in Iran. The main construction components of the project are: •Two diversion tunnels for 2900m3/sec.

•Power inlet and outlet structures for1500m3/sec.

•Headrace and tailrace tunnels.

•Power house cavern with access tunnels.

•Transformer cavern with bus duct shafts.

•Rockfill dam with clay core, 170m high.

•Spillway for floods up to 21,700m3/sec.

•Operation buildings.

The power inlet and outlet structures have already been completed for the final construction stage. At present, the project is about 70% complete.

The first turbines are scheduled to start operating in October 2000. (See IWP&DC July 1999, p18 for more details).

Construction is also progressing well on the Goldisthal pumped storage plant in the Thuringian forest, Germany. Completion and commissioning of the first unit can be expected in 2002. On completion the project will be the largest pumped storage plant in the country with an installed capacity of 1060MW and eight hours of full load operation.

Finally, a consortium led by Lahmeyer International has been awarded a contract for a feasibility study for the Kandadji barrage on the river Niger in West Africa. The main function of the barrage will be to augment low discharge during the dry season by means of a regulated release of water accumulated during periods of high discharge. The head of water will be used to produce hydro power which will reduce dependence on energy imports.