• In Energy Policy and Regulatory: Diego Perez-Pallares, who is a former Secretary General of OLADE (Latin American Energy Organization) and a Former Minister of Electricity in Ecuador. (CONELEC).

• In the Distribution and Market environment: José García-Baylleres with more than 60 years or successful entrepreneurial activities (GrupoTelevisa). Served as Congressman for Colombia. He led the Foreign Affairs Commission and acted as Vice-President of the Medellin Council.

• In the Political and Public Relations sector: Fausto Cordovez Chiriboga, with more than 60 years in private ventures and public service. Mr. Cordovez has been Minister of Ecuador in various Governments and representing several Secretaries of State. His last appointment was as the General Ambassador of Ecuador in the Vatican until the end of 2009.

• In the Business and Startup area: Oscar Coen, who was the founder of Yupi.com and former CEO of Microsoft Latin-America. He is one of the successful entrepreneurs of the “Dot Com” era.

• In the Energy Sector: Carolyn Marsh, one of the leading and more important executives in Mergers and Acquisitions within the Energy Sector. She is a former Director of Mergers and Acquisitions of Calpine and ENRON. Carolyn was responsible of acquisitions of a number of companies in more than 20 years.

• In the Financial and International financing: Oscar Echevarria is the former CEO of Czarnikow-Rionda. Director of LAIF (Latin American Income and Appreciation Fund). He has been a University Professor and a PhD in Economics (Suma Cum Laude) of Georgetown. International Consultant for 40 years.

“With this group of distinguished and internationally recognized executives, plus our Executive and Operations team and the fact that Green Energy Generation is very hot as far as new industries and trends, we are sure that LPG Electrical will be a successful venture in the years to come,” said Bernal.