Announcing the news, alstom said the work on the Livishie and Cassley hydroelectric plants would help owner Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) qualify for UK renewable obligation certificates.

Livishie, a 40-year old 15MW hydro power station located near Scotland’s Loch Ness, is to receive a new runner, guide vanes, governing system and a brushless exciter for the generator. The scope of refurbishment will extend to Livishie’s electrical and mechanical balance, and is expected to be finished by December 2004, according to Alstom.

Machinery from Alstom’s UK, French, Spanish and German units is also to be sent to Loch Shin, the location of SSE’s Cassley hydro plant, which will be fitted with two horizontal Francis turbine generators rated at 3.4MW and 6.6MW and joint control systems.

The work will follow closely behind Livishie’s refurbishment schedule, with completion slated for January 2005.

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