Contracts will be offered on a design, build, operate and transfer basis, and bidders will be required to realise the following activities:

* Preparation of a project documentation for the small hydro-power plants

* Provide all necessary construction and operation licenses in accordance to the legislation of the Republic of Macedonia

* Construction of power plants and auxiliary systems according to the project documentation. Operation should start within three years after concession award.

* Management, operation and maintenance of the power plants and the auxiliary systems

* Transfer of ownership of all facilities of the small hydro-power plants after the expiration of the concession period to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia

The tender documents will provide, among other data, site specific information about the exact location, hydrological conditions, and possibilities to feed the produced electricity into the public distribution grid, as well as site access and land ownership. Sites will be tendered separately.

For more detailed information regarding the sites, please visit or email:

Details of the new tenders follows news that in mid-July the government granted 20-year design, build, operate and transfer (BOT) concessions for 41 small hydroelectric power plants throughout the country.

The winners of the concessions tender, announced in February, include Co-Ver Energia Italy, Slovenia’s Poteza, Energie Zotter Bau, Austria, PCC SA Germany, and a consortium led by Macedonian construction company.

The plants will be built on the Vardar, Strumica and Crn Drim rivers, and will each be of up to 5MW capacity.