As part of a consortium, KONČAR has signed a significant contract with Romanian company Elektromontaj S.A. to revitalize the Vidraru hydropower plant in Romania. This project includes comprehensive design, production, delivery, dismantling of outdated equipment, installation of new equipment, testing, and commissioning. The contract, awarded through an international tender, is valued at over €188 million, with KONČAR’s contribution nearly €80 million.

The Vidraru hydropower plant, located on the Argeș River, is a crucial part of Romania’s energy infrastructure. Built in 1961 and operational since 1966, the facility is set for a major overhaul to improve efficiency, extend its operational life, and strengthen Romania’s energy capabilities.

The customer for this project is S.P.E.E.H. HIDROELECTRICA, Romania’s largest electricity producer, based in Bucharest. HIDROELECTRICA has an installed hydropower capacity of 6.3GW, generating 15.6 TWh annually.

KONČAR’s entry into this market with the Vidraru project enhances its global market presence. Multiple companies within the KONČAR Group will collaborate to execute this project.