The reorganisation – proposed by Patrick Kron, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of alstom – has been approved by the Alstom Board and is effective from 4 July 2011.

Under the new organisation, Philippe Joubert, who has successfully led the recovery and the development of the power sector, has been appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer, a role which will see Joubert assist Kron in the strategy and group development, sustainable development and the supervision of the international network.

The operational activities of Alstom, which were split into three sectors (Power, Transport and Grid) will now be organised in four sectors:

• Alstom Thermal Power.

• Alstom Renewable Power.

• Alstom Grid.

• Alstom Transport.

Alstom said in a statement that the split of the current Power Sector into Thermal and Renewable will allow the functioning of both entities to be simplified and to better address their specific markets.

Each of these four Sectors will have a new President:

• Philippe Cochet, currently Senior Vice-President alstom-hydro and Wind within the Power Sector, is appointed President of Alstom Thermal Power and Executive Vice-President of Alstom. The new Alstom Thermal Power Sector has sales of over EUR9B (in 2010/11) and 38,000 employees. It covers Gas, Steam and Nuclear power generation as well as the Service and Automation & Control activities.

• Jérôme Pécresse, who leaves Imerys to join Alstom, is appointed President of the Alstom Renewable Power Sector and Executive Vice-President of Alstom. The new Alstom Renewable Power Sector has sales of around EUR2B (2010/11) and 10,000 employees. It covers hydro, wind and other renewable sources of energy.

• Henri Poupart-Lafarge, currently Executive Vice-President of Alstom and President of the Grid Sector, is appointed President of the Transport Sector. He leaves Alstom Grid at the request of Patrick Kron to replace Philippe Mellier, whose departure from the company was announced on 16 May. Alstom Transport has sales of more than €5B (2010/11) and 24,000 employees.

• Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, a former Alstom manager, leaves CVC Capital Partners to return to Alstom. He is appointed President of the Alstom Grid Sector and Executive Vice-President of Alstom. The Grid Sector has sales of more than EUR4B (2010/11 pro-forma) and 19,000 employees.

In addition, Keith Carr, Group General Counsel since April 2011, and Bruno Guillemet, Senior Vice-President Human Resources of the Group since September 2010, join the Executive Committee. Bruno Guillemet replaces Patrick Dubert who joined Alstom in 2003 as Senior Vice-President, Human Resources and who will continue to assist the CEO on specific missions and projects.

Alstom’s Executive Committee will have nine members, of which five new members. Around Patrick Kron as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Committee will be composed of Philippe Joubert, Philippe Cochet, Jérôme Pécresse, Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, Nicolas Tissot, Bruno Guillemet, and Keith Carr.