In this work, Subaerial Landslide Generated Waves (SLGW) generation and propagation are studied numerically for a real case. The Shafa-Roud Dam reservoir, in the north of Iran, is considered as the case study. Empirical equations are applied to estimate the near field characteristics of generated waves due to three possible slide scenarios. Empirical-based equations can provide the initial condition for Boussinesq-type wave propagation models. Wave propagation velocity, dam overtopping volume and maximum wave height above dam crest have been evaluated using the FUNWAVE numerical model. Considering the previous experimental data, and observed data from Norwegian fjords landlside events, and also the results of the numerical simulations in this work, amplitude attenuation of SLGW is studied. Based on the results, the necessity for a more conservative criterion for freeboard determination, for the cases of landslide events, is emphasized.