Mavel has announced it is adding a new unit to its modular micro turbine product line.

The TM8 Turbine is the fourth in Mavel’s TM Turbine line and joins the TM3, TM5 and TM10 models.

Mavel’s TM Turbines are modular micro turbine systems designed as cost effective solutions to capture the energy of the flow of water at existing or new low flow / low head facilities. The TM Turbine includes a Kaplan-type runner with four manually adjustable blades. The runner is connected to an asynchronous generator directly or by a belt drive.

Features of the TM Turbine package include modular design, siphon technology, manual blade adjustment, short delivery times and proven performance. Moreover, the TM Turbines do not require an enclosed powerhouse as they can be installed on support brackets attached to a weir structure, the company said.

The TM8 turbine has an 850mm runner diameter, operates with a head range of 2 to 5m (7 to 16ft), flow of 1.5 to 3m3/sec (52 to 106 cfs) and power output of 20 to 100kW. Mavel developed this new size in order to meet the design requirements of its customers and complete the range.

Mavel has installed over 65 TM turbines globally at sites in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and the USA. The modularity of the system facilitates its use on weirs, with preexisting powerhouses or on irrigation systems, said Mavel.