The Czech manufacturer is to supply a 0.74MW turbine and related equipment under an arrangement with US contractor Waterline Industries, Inc.

mavel will supply a Kaplan turbine, synchronous generator, an elbow draft tube, hydraulic power unit, electrical and control systems, and installation supervision. The works are to be finished by mid-2010.

The plant is owned by Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) and is located next to Hadley dam, at Holyoke. The owner wanted the original 0.5MW vertical Francis unit, installed in 1920, to be replaced with similar or a Kaplan if civil works are kept to a minimum.

As a qualified, public project, a Clean Renewable Energy Bond (CREB) has been approved to fund the project.

Project support is being provided for removal and new works by Florida-based Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services.