Mavel has successfully commissioned three Kaplan PIT Turbines at the 2.16MW Lipki hydropower plant on the Odra River in Western Poland.

The company worked with construction firm Doraco sp.zo.o to design, build, install and commissioned the new power plant on an existing weir.

Owned by Polish hydroelectric developer Ineco sp.zo.o, Lipki features three KP3000K3 turbines from Mavel, each with a runner diameter of 3000mm and three runner blades. With a head of 1.5 to 1.9m and a flow of 46.4m3/sec, each turbine has a power output of 720kW. In addition to the turbines, Mavel also supplied the generator, controls and electrical balance of plant, and was responsible for assembly and commissioning.

As well as the Lipki plant, Mavel is to provide turbines for two other power plants on the Odra River for Ineco. When all three plants are commissioned – with a total output of 5.4MW – Mavel will have provided 18 turbines for eight hydro plants of the Odra River totaling 43MW.