The Malczyce, on the Odra river, southwest Poland, has an existing weir and locks and will be completely rehabilitated by its owner Regionalny Zarzad Gospodarki Wodnej we Wroclawiu. There will be a new weir with tilting gates, new locks and a new power house for the equipment.

Mavel, as leader of a consortium with Energoprojekt–Warszawa, will provide three of its own horizontal pit Kaplan KP3400K3 turbines. Each 340cm diameter turbine will be double regulated and have three runner blades, and each will use a gearbox for connection to a synchronous generator.

The 9MW Malczyce power plant site will have flow of about 240m3/sec and head ranging from 4.2 to 6.4m. The delivery will be over the next three years with commissioning expected in May 2008.

Mavel will also supply, install and commission the second turbine and related equipment for the Lesichovo hydro power plant in Bulgaria, approximately 90km from Sophia. The company said that it will deliver the second horizontal Francis turbines with runner diameter of 650mm, hydraulic unit, valve regulators and a synchronous generator.

The first turbine, delivered by Mavel, was installed in 2003. Commissioning of the second turbine is expected before the end of 2005. The plant is expected to have total installed power of about 3.2MW, with a net head of 57.8m flow totalling 6.4m3/sec.