They are available in 6, 8 and 10m3 mix capacities and work at rates of up to 60m3/hr, with single loads down to 1/4m3.

As well as compartmentalised storage for aggregate, sand and cement, 2100l of water are carried on-board, together with provision for both high and low flow liquid admix systems. Additional liquid and powder dispensing is also available.

Load mixing is carried out on-site, adjacent to the point of use, with individual mixes subject to the inclusion of fibres, powders or liquids where required to achieve the necessary strength, structural properties or even colours required for each load.

The MBP vehicle can also be driven while mixing, enabling continuous back-fill trenching or post holing work to be carried out economically, says Mek-Tek.

Drive options range from the conventional PTO, with the preferred option being a dedicated donkey engine for load mixing and running the hydraulics. The donkey engine ensures maximum life and minimum strain on the chassis engine.

The MBP is also equipped with a fully guarded rear safety platform which provides the operator with a viewing station during loading of the dry constituents, thus eliminating the possibility of cross contamination and meeting one of the main pre-requisites of compliance with QSRMC. The MBP is fitted with a key safety interlock system, which fully isolates the main mixing auger, when the unit is being cleaned via a full-length trough opening.

According to Mek-Tek, load dispensing via the remote pendant control can be carried out from within the vehicle cab or from the rear of the vehicle at up to 4m distance. Although equipped with a single 1m extension chute as standard, further 1m extensions are available on request for extended material placement requirements.

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