This guarantee provides users with greater security of purchase and a single source responsibility for the equipment, usually situated locally.

The introduction of the warranty follows tests carried out at WEG’s headquarters in Brazil. The tests allied WEG’s own, and other manufacturers’ ranges of drives, with WEG’s W21 line of motors. The only variable in the tests was the make of drive.

The tests revealed that motor temperature increases were up to 11% lower using WEG drives than with the others tested. This, says the company, is important for motor longevity because when motor operating temperatures are lower, the benefit is a longer insulation life.

Also aiding motor life is the fact that motors are designed specifically for use with VSDs, says WEG.

This means that their insulation is not subject to the damage that can arise from rapid voltage rises; the result of mismatching of motor cable impedance and motor impedance. To protect motors that are not so well insulated, WEG has ensured that the turn on time of the output devices in its new drives is set at a level that reduces voltage rise time.

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