Mott MacDonald has launched a new virtual reality (VR) and desktop product developed to help users rehearse their construction and operational processes ahead of time, to unlock safer, buildable design. 

Called Rehearsive, it allows infrastructure designers and operators to walk through construction scenarios with their team and delivery partners in VR and desktop, no matter their location. The launch follows a successful three-month beta test with 250 volunteers from across the UK infrastructure sector.

With easy access whether from a laptop computer or a VR headset, Rehearsive integrates with existing 3D workflows and BIM models, bringing together a diverse range of knowledge and skills into one interactive, collaborative VR project environment. Multiplayer delivers voice chat and a shared immersive experience, with remote collaboration helping deliver a more efficient and safer project, with potential carbon savings.

Rehearsive adds value to design review gateways by showing how design decisions impact operations on site, enabling risks to be mitigated ahead of time, said Mott Macdonald. It also makes design reviews easier leading to quicker stakeholder understanding. 

“Rehearsive allows users to make the most of opportunities created through remote working,” said Andrew Zhao, Mott MacDonald’s head of immersive technologies. “With so many people currently working remotely, it is set to prove its worth even more by boosting productivity as the industry recovers. Those who have recognised the efficiency benefits gained by using this technology will be at an advantage.”

“Our successful beta period allowed us to take the positive feedback from testers and use it to drive the product to be even more usable and intuitive, developing a better market fit. Our beta testers felt features such as the object library, that makes sequence testing and review straightforward, provide much needed simplicity in an increasingly complex world of software applications.”