MWH Global has today announced plans to purchase Outback Ecology, an Australian environmental consultancy associated with the natural resources and mining industry for more than 20 years.

The planned acquisition provides an opportunity to combine MWH current product offerings for the resources and energy industries, from water management and natural resources engineering to mine remediation, with Outback Ecology’s specialized services in this area, the company said in a statement.

“Both MWH and Outback Ecology have similar values and focus on water, sustainability, ecology and the environment to effectively serve our clients and communities," said Joseph Adams, president of the Energy & Industry business at MWH. "MWH is pleased to welcome Outback Ecology’s 75 employees, including scientists and specialists who will continue to work with clients across the lifecycle of mining and energy projects from evaluation and permitting through reclamation and beyond."

“The Outback Ecology leadership team committed early on that if we were ever to be acquired, we would join a growing, but stable, firm that has similar values, offers our leaders and staff enhanced opportunities in Asia Pacific and globally, and will ensure our commitment to client service and quality work is maintained. We believe MWH is that firm," added Harley Lacy, Outback Ecology chairman and founder.

Outback Ecology delivers services across Australia and the Pacific Rim, operating out of three primary office locations in Perth, Brisbane and Kalgoorlie, Australia.

Integration of the two companies will begin immediately upon transaction completion, which is expected to take place in early to mid-April. Acquisition terms were not disclosed. While initially maintaining its identity as Outback Ecology, the organization will transition its name to MWH.


Image: Rex Bell (Managing Director, MWH Energy and Industry) and Harley Lacy (Chairman, Outback Ecology). Courtesy Outback Ecology.