Voith Hydro has opened a new center of competence for generator components in Bosnia and Hercegovina to serve western markets, from North and Latin America to Europe and Africa.

The center – with a portfolio covering bars, coils, and poles for hydropower generators – officially opened its doors a six months ago. The location in Lukavac (Tuzla) is only 1.5 flight hours away from Voith Hydro’s German headquarters in Heidenheim. Its set-up was closely aligned with experts from the company’s central technology department in Germany, where essential R&D functions for generator components are based. 

Apart from the proximity to the headquarters, customers will benefit from the closeness to the mainly European supplier base of insulation materials which ensures efficiency and smooth operations, said Voith. Additionally, Voith Hydro is in close collaboration with the Bosnian facility of ELIN Motoren, a Voith company, which is successfully producing motor and generator coils as well as wind generator components in the immediate neighborhood. 

Works at the facility began in 2021 and initial test productions could already be performed in February 2022. After successful acceptance tests, the pole production started with first orders for hydropower stations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Switzerland.