A new How-to Guide on Hydropower Infrastructure Safety has been published by the International Hydropower Association (IHA) to help developers and operators manage the impacts of hydropower development

The guide explores potential hazards, exposure, vulnerability, risks and dam safety in relation to public safety, legal and regulatory frameworks and bank requirements, to ensure safety and help projects to reach good international industry practice.

In additions it gives an overview of the benefits that hydropower infrastructure can provide in areas like water management, drought avoidance, mitigation against wildfires and improvement to public infrastructure such as roads.

“Dam safety issues are a significant risk for any developer or operator,” commented João Costa, Head of Sustainability at IHA. “This new guide will help these key players better understand the potential safety impacts of their dams in order to protect the people in their catchment area, their assets and the local environment.”

The How-to Guide on Infrastructure Safety is based on the internationally recognised Hydropower Sustainability Tools and can be downloaded here.