A micro hydropower scheme could be producing power in Inverness, Scotland, under plans unveiled by the Highland Council.

The Council said it is planning to install a 100kW Archimedes Screw turbine on the River Ness at Whin Park Lade, with the project estimated to generate an income for the Council of around £90k to £120k at current prices.  The annual operating cost will be in the region of £15k.

The electricity produced by the scheme could supply council buildings, and local venues including the Aquadome and the archive centre, generating further savings.

The installation will be 4.2m in diameter and allow a controlled water flow, as well as providing sufficient screen to protect various species of fish.

“This modern, innovative project provides an excellent opportunity for the Council to generate income and renewable energy and make savings,” said Chair of the Council’s Places Committee, Councillor Allan Henderson. “The Archimedes Screw is a fascinating piece of engineering and technology which in itself should be a feature of significant interest and may hopefully inspire young scientists of tomorrow.”

The Highland Council contracted AMECFW and specialist in Archimedean screw hydropower systems, Mannpower Consulting Ltd, to develop the project design.

It is anticipated the planning application for the installation of the Torvean Micro Hydro Scheme Archimedes Screw will be submitted in Winter 2017 and will include consultation with relevant statutory consultees.