The latest issue of Dam Engineering (Volume XXXII, Issue 2) has been published.

Investigation of Overburden Causing Rockfall Near Nathpa Dam and Bhaba Tail Race Diversion Tunnel Pump House – A Case Study

Rizwan Anwar, P N Ojha, Arup Ghatak, Brijesh Singh & V P Chatterjee

Abstract: This paper highlights a study on the stability of rocks to determine the probable cause and extent of fragments of rocks falling over the approach road approximately 1200m along the right bank of the Satluj River at Nathpa Dam and Bhaba TRT/Pump House (BRTPH) in India. Due to the approach to the dam site lying on a bank, and the area prone to rockfall, there is significant threat to life, machines and civil structures. The area is vulnerable to rockfall as the river bank has steep rocky slopes rising approximately 300-350m above the project road at el. ±1500m. The affected rock mass is highly metamorphosed in this Himalayan belt, and highly foliated, with numerous joints and fracture planes both continuous and discontinuous in nature. In the present study, taking in an area of 1.2km, rockfall is occurring continuously and is also likely to occur on both sides of the body of the dam. If not restrained it can have serious repercussions on the operation of the dam. The recommendations on proven and suitable technology for stabilising the overburden causing the rockfall is also discussed in this paper. Depending upon the hazard rating, and adopting suitable stabilisation measures in each segment, stabilisation methods like rock bolting, rock anchoring and suitable stainless steel caging technology is recommended to arrest the phenomenon of rockfall. It has been suggested that rehabilitation work of the rock strata should be taken up individually (segment wise) for strengthening and stability measures.

Mekong Dam Monitor: Providing a Picture of How Dams Impact the Mekong River

Abstract: Mekong Dam Monitor data reveal impacts of upstream dams and point to ways transboundary cooperation can improve downstream outcomes during times of drought and crisis. Brian Eyler, Alan Basist, Regan Kwan, Courtney Weatherby and Claude Williams give more details.

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