The “Ukraine Small Hydro and Mini Hydro Power Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015” report analyzes the growth and evolution of Ukraine’s small hydro power market up to 2009 and gives historical and forecast statistics for the period 2001-2015. This research also gives detailed analysis of the market structures of the technology and regulatory policies that govern it.

The report includes:

• Data on installed capacity and power generation via small and mini hydro plants in Ukraine

• Data provided from 2001 to 2008, with forecasts to 2015

• Detailed market opportunities and challenges for present and potential Ukraine small hydro power market.

• Turbine types covered include reaction turbines and impulse turbines

• Analysis of drivers, restraints, market forces analysis, SWOT analysis

• Covers detail analysis of producers share, and geographic distribution of generation and installed capacity.

• Information on key current and upcoming plants

• Information on the major companies in the country’s small hydro market.

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