JSC RusHydro has begun construction of a new spillway for the Yegorkykskaya hydroelectric power plant as part of a project to rehabilitate and modernize the cascade of hydropower plants on the river Kuban.

The new spillway will be used for water discharges and will replace the existing 50 year-old spillway of lower capacity. The construction works, which are expected to cost RUB212.4M, are due to be completed by the end of 2014.

The capacity of new spillway will be 120m3/sec, allowing full water passage even in the case of full outage of the turbines. Combined pass-through capacity of the hydropower plant will total 250m3/sec, which is sufficient to withstand even extreme floods.

The spillway will be built of monolithic concrete, and will be 517m long and 17.6m wide.

The Yegorlykskaya station, built in 1956-1962, comprises a 1320m long landfill dam, intake canal, tower spillway, discharge canal of the spillway and turbine building housing two hydropower units with combined capacity of 30MW.