The Boatlock Station is situated adjacent to Hadley Dam in Holyoke and has three generating units. In late 2008, HG&E – which owns and operates 32 hydroelectric power plants through a canal system in Holyoke – solicited proposals for the replacement of the Unit 1 generator unit.

HG&E awarded the project to and contracted with Waterline Industries Corporation of Seabrook, NH to rehabilitate the site. Waterline replaced the old Francis turbine with a double regulated KVK1600K4 Kaplan Turbine directly coupled with a TES Vestin 240 rpm synchronous generator. The new turbine unit was purchased by Waterline Industries from mavel Americas, Inc.

After Waterline completed the installation of the Mavel turbine in October 2010, the power produced at Boatlock Unit 1 increased by 200 kW, from its pre-rehabilitation production of 500 kW to its current production of 700 kW.. In addition to the turbine, Mavel provided hydraulic engineering and related technology, including an elbow draft tube, hydraulic power unit, electrical and control system and installation supervision. Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services was contracted to remove the old technology and install the new. TES Vsetin, a Czech Republic based supplier, provided the generator.

Mavel Americas, Inc is a 100% owned subsidiary of Czech/American owned turbine supplier Mavel.