Following a seven-day trek, the first turbine will arrive near Salem on August 9, with the second turbine expected to arrive at this location in early September.

The turbines, manufactured by Voith Hydro, are approximately 23ft in diameter and weigh nearly 150 tons. They will be transported via interstate highways on 20-axle, dual-lane trailers about 250ft long.

Guy M. Turner, Inc. will manage the delivery, and the units will travel with police escort to help manage traffic along the route. Once near the town of Salem, the first turbine will be parked temporarily until the second arrives. Then both will make the slow and winding seven-mile journey to the facility on a hydraulic platform trailer while escort personnel walk alongside.

“Essentially, we’re improving the output of the facility and making it more efficient with state-of-the-art design technology,” said Greg Lewis, technical manager – Hydro Fleet. “This extends the life of the station and helps our system respond to peak customer demands with a fast, flexible, clean and efficient energy resource.”

These will be the first upgrades to Jocassee units 1 and 2 since they began commercial operation in 1973. Replacing the turbines will enhance hydro generation from the current maximum capability of 170MW to 195MW each. They will also increase pumping capacity by 37MW each. Units 3 and 4 were upgraded in 2006 and 2007. Lake Jocassee will be operated at least four feet below full pond during the upgrades to units 1 and 2, which are planned for September 2010 through May 2011.