The Dam Safety and Rehabilitation Project aims to improve the safety of 10 dams and weirs nationwide in the first phase (and a further five in the second phase), including implementing engineering measures that have been defined in detail in a design report prepared previously by a consortium led by Norconsult. The report also dealt with the raising of dams, where feasible, to increase reservoir storage volumes. An accompanying dredging report similarly provided the scope and relevant details of dredging to be carried out under the project.

The continuation of the project involves construction supervision, environmental monitoring and contract advisory services. The works will be divided into three zones across the country; each zone will have an assigned resident engineer and support through several clerk of works. A central project office established with Norconsult’s local partner in Accra will support the work zones with specialist advisors, technicians and overall project management.

Work is anticipated to start in November with a duration of 15 months in Phase 1.