The Government of Uganda has contracted Norplan to implement the Global Energy Transfer Feed in Tariff (GET Fit), an innovative renewable energy subsidy program currently being implemented in the country.

Coordinated by the German development bank KfW, GET FiT has been developed to mobilize private investment in the renewable energy sectors of low-income countries.

The program seeks to provide targeted support to enable up to 20 renewable energy projects in Uganda over the next five years, and thereby leveraging millions of dollars in investment. The goal is to trigger a boom of private investments in small-scale (<20MW) renewable power generation in Uganda. GET FiT Uganda offers both financial and practical support to developers and investors looking to install hydro, bio and solar power generation facilities.

If successful, the program will provide an example for the wide range of international donor and multilateral initiatives with similar aims. There is very little global precedence for large scale internationally financed FiTs. The program is already well advanced and has good prospects for success, Norplan said in a statement.

“GET FiT is a very promising mechanism that addresses a suite of the most significant barriers facing private power investors in frontier markets like Uganda," said Joakim Arntsen, Norplan’s Project Manager. "Response from the private sector in Uganda is overwhelmingly positive. There is considerable international interest in what the program can achieve, in both energy and climate change circles."