THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF Civil Engineers (ASCE) has entered into an alliance with its Canadian and Mexican counterparts.

The North American Alliance for Civil Engineering was formed to enhance the resources available to civil engineers and related professionals in the US, Canada and Mexico; to promote the profession; and improve quality of life in North America.

Dubbed the Monterey Accord, the agreement was signed in Monterey, California on 27 July 2001.

‘Through my travels as ASCE president, I have come to realise that civil engineering is a global responsibility and we, as civil engineers, must face that responsibility together,’ said Robert W Bein. ‘I believe that North Americans have reached the stage where our borders must become bridges.’ ASCE, the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, the College of Mexican Civil Engineers and the Mexican Republic College Federation of Civil Engineers all signed the agreement.

Together the four organisations represent more than 153,000 members.