Proposals to build a new dam on the Mole River near Tenterfield in New South Wales, Australia, have been scrapped, Minister for Lands and Water Kevin Anderson has confirmed in a statement.

The news was released as part of the second-draft of the Regional Water Strategy for the Border Rivers, which has been prepared following extensive consultation and feedback from the community.

“After engaging with residents, businesses, stakeholder groups, Aboriginal communities and councils, we have landed on actions that will ensure a secure water future for the community and the environment,” Anderson said. “We have listened to community feedback, undertaken rigorous investigations and cost benefit analysis and determined that  the proposed Mole River Dam will not proceed.

Instead, the strategy looks at options like bores to access groundwater sources in the region, or converting general security licenses to high security licenses to give farmers greater certainty. It also looks at modernising water supply systems in towns to make the more water efficient.