The agreement was signed in Kolkata yesterday in the presence of the CMD of NTPC C.P. Jain, and the Chairman of WBSEB M. Dey.

Rammam Stage III is one of the run-of-river (ROR) schemes similar to Rammam Stage I (36MW) and Stage II (51MW). Rammam Stage IV (30MW) is a storage scheme at the terminal stage of the river basin.

Of the four stages on the Rammam river finalised by WBSEB, only Stage II has been commissioned. The other schemes are yet to be developed.

The Rammam river, one of the tributaries of the Teesta river, forms a natural boundary between West Bengal and Sikkim all along its meandering course of 42km up to its confluence with the Rangeet.

This will be NTPC Hydro’s first hydroelectric power generation venture in the eastern region.