Analysts heard that NTPC has 1920MW of hydro under development and contracts signed to implement a further 5GW. The strategic plan would introduce hydro into the diversifying portfolio with a share of 12% of installed generating capacity in 10 years.

Three projects being built at present are: Koldam (4 x 200MW); Loharinag Pala (4 x 150MW); and Tapovan Vishnugad (4 x 130MW).

But the biggest scheme being planned is the 4GW Etalin project in Arunachal Pradesh, for which a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in September 2006 with the state government. Feasibility, site and technical investigations for the scheme are underway. The MoU also included construction of the 500MW Attunli scheme.

While working on major projects the power company is also planning to develop mini- and micro-hydro projects through a joint venture in renewables with the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Under the JV, the partners plan to establish a private limited company in which NTPC, and possibly other government organisations, will hold up to half the equity. ADB may later acquire up to 20% of the operation, according to NTPC.

The JV partners aim to attract strategic investors to renewables as the business is to invest regionally and, later, possibly globally as NTPC initially leads the business.