NYPA received the nha’s OSAW award in the Recreational Environmental and Historical Enhancement category for its $2.1 million dollar collaborative wetland restoration project at Little Beaver Island, a project made possible through the relicensing agreement associated with the Power Authority’s Niagara Power Project in Lewiston, N.Y. To date, the agreement has resulted in more than $170M in environmental and economic development benefits to Western New York.

Now with four OSAW awards, NYPA has won the most OSAW awards from among all NHA members. Previous OSAW awards for NYPA include the Common Tern Nesting Habitat Improvement project in Buffalo Harbor (2010); the Lake Sturgeon Spawning Beds Installation in the St. Lawrence River (2009); and the installation of an Upstream Passage Facility for the American Eel (2007) at NYPA’s St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project in Massena, N.Y. Prior to the establishment of the OSAW awards in 2007, NYPA received NHA’s Hydro Achievement Award for Recreational Stewardship for its collaboration on several projects with Northern New York communities (2006).

“We are always pleased to be recognized for our achievements, particularly with respect to environmental enhancements,” said John Suloway, vice president for Licensing, Acquisition and Project Development, NYPA. “The wetland restoration initiative returned Little Beaver Island to its natural splendor for the people of Erie County and surrounding communities to enjoy.”