Open Hydro has been awarded a £200,000 grant from Innovate UK, enabling the company to spearhead the execution of its Water IMPACT project over the next eighteen months. This funding, obtained through the Innovate UK Investor Partnership Competition, will support the development of a groundbreaking water emissions forecasting tool designed to address the environmental challenges associated with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from water reservoirs.

The Water IMPACT project aims to fill a critical gap in the water and energy sectors by providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for monitoring GHG emissions from water reservoirs. By leveraging the Water IMPACT tool, water utilities and hydropower companies worldwide will be better equipped to understand and manage their GHG emissions, thus significantly contributing to their Net Zero targets and mitigating climate finance risks, said Open Hydro.

Over the next year and a half, Open Hydro will engage in extensive research, stakeholder engagement, and the integration of advanced technologies to enhance the capabilities of the Water IMPACT tool. This comprehensive approach aims to refine the emissions assessment process, making it more robust and effective for industry application.

Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, has played a pivotal role in supporting Open Hydro’s vision. By providing the necessary funding and fostering connections with partners, customers, and investors, Innovate UK helps transform innovative ideas into commercially viable products and services.

The Open Hydro team, led by Maria Ubierna and Cristina Diez Santos, expressed their excitement over receiving this prestigious award. They have received positive feedback on the project and are eager to invite hydropower and water utility companies to join them on the Water IMPACT journey.