ge-hydro will install two upgraded Francis runners on units 5 and 6 at the Cameron Falls facility, which is located on the Nipigon river 19km north of Nipigon, Ontario. The vertical Francis turbines and generators for units 1-6 were placed in service in the 1920s and unit 7 in 1958. The new runners will operate at a rated net head of 22.2m with a full gate output of 11.2MW, approximately a 15% increase over the original rating.

The first runner is scheduled to be shipped in October 2003, with commissioning planned for December 2003. The second runner will be shipped by March 2004.

‘We employed new design methods, challenged our internal manufacturing cycles and considered various sourcing options to meet OPG’s requirements for new technology, increased output and a short cycle time,’ said Haresh Ramchandani, GE Hydro account manager.