The team, headed by the Commissioner of the Indus Water treaty and Ground Water Commission, Sayed Jamait Ali Shah, saw the project site at Chanderkote in Doda district and made notes about the project’s technical details and took measurements of the dam and reservoir.

The Pakistani team’s inspection was to give them the opportunity to have a fresh look at the model and design of the 450MW project, Shah told reporters at Chanderkote before the site visit.

A member of the eight-person Indian team that also visited the structure said that the trip was at the request of the Pakistanis. Lafitte himself is expected to conduct an inspection by October, although no date has been given for him to submit his findings.

Pakistan has been demanding work be stopped on the Baglihar project because it believes the dam violates the Indus Water Treaty, and would adversely affect the flow of water from the Chenab river into the country. India has constantly denied that it is breaking the treaty.

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