The projects produce an average of 180,000 CERs/year. They are operated in the Philippines by SN Aboitiz Power, a 50/50 joint venture company between SN Power and Philippine company Aboitiz Power.

This is SN Power’s sixth and seventh hydropower plant registered with the UNFCCC, following the La Higuera and La Confluencia projects (Chile), Allain Duhangan (India), Cheves (Peru), and Totoral Wind Farm (Chile).

In 2009, SN Power was able to successfully amend the existing CDM Methodology for renewable energy to also include upgrade/retrofit projects. The Ambuklao and Binga projects are among the first upgrades of existing hydropower plants to have received CDM registration using the amended methodology.

“We are very pleased with the CDM registration of Ambuklao and Binga and these registrations recognizes our effort in the reduction of greenhouse gases and positions SN Power as a clean, sustainable and renewable energy company”, said Elsbeth Tronstad, Executive Vice President, CSR and Communication.