Swiss-born engineering company Pini Group has acquired Geodata, an Italian geoengineering company involved in underground and hydro-related works design.

With this strategic acquisition, Pini Group said it wants to benefit from the know-how of a company that has planned and supervised the construction of more than 4000 m of tunnels and more than 3500 projects worldwide relating to subways, traditional and high-speed railways, roads and motorways, dams and hydroelectric plants, as well as geology and environment. 

"We recognize in Geodata an excellent player in the world of underground engineering and hydropower,” said Andrea Galli, CEO of Pini Group. “Our intention is to enhance all the assets that have allowed this company to write the history of engineering: from its workers to its network of suppliers and its international partners. This acquisition is based on common values that characterize the two companies. Both Geodata and Pini started out as family businesses, which through hard work, dynamism and the pursuit of excellence have become global players in the engineering sector. Furthermore, the acquisition of Geodata allows Pini to access the renewable energy sector, with a particular focus on the hydroelectricity.

“In the fragile and transitional moment we are currently facing, we can make the experience and knowledge of a dynamic, international and innovative group available to the sector. We will join forces to build the future of engineering together."

Geodata was founded in Turin in 1984 and is active in 20 countries, with subsidiaries in Italy, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Greece, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Portugal, Peru, and Turkey.