The 20MW run-of-river power plant, expected to generate 72GWh/yr, is being developed by Plutonic Power Corporation (PPC) and is located near Gibson’s in Howe Sound, British Columbia.

The WPDP is a permit application document for the construction and operation of the project. Its purpose is to provide LWBC, and other permitting agencies, with information that fully defines the project. Included in the document are the project definition, an impact assessment and an environmental management plan.

The government review and decision process is expected to take approximately six months and, once complete, a decision will be made on the issuing of a Water Licence and Crown Land Tenure that would allow for the development of the project.

Rainy River project will ultimately be constructed and operated through a development and facilitation agreement between PPC and Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Limited Partnership.

Construction of the project is estimated to take approximately three years.