The bought deal will see a syndicate of underwriters purchase 21 million common shares of Plutonic, with the proceeds mainly split between construction of the transmission line and for Plutonic’s share of the planned Dokie Ridge wind project acquisition in northeast British Columbia.

The East Toba and Montrose project consists of two run-of-river projects under construction at the headwaters of the Toba Inlet on the East Toba River and Montrose Creek. Installed capacity of the two projects will be 196MW with expected average energy generation of 745GWh/yr.

Interconnection of the two projects to the BC Transmission Corporation (BCTC) grid will be at a location on the northeast side of Jervis Inlet where a new substation will be built at Saltery Bay. From this substation, a 230 kV transmission line will extend in a roughly northward direction to the top of Toba Inlet, then northeast to the two generating facilities.