A new 24MW hydropower plant is providing electricity for the Republic of Belarus, equipment supplier Mavel has announced.

The recently commissioned Polotskaya hydropower project, which is operated by RUP Vitebskenergo, is located on the West Dvina River. The project utilizes five Mavel Kaplan PIT type KP3000K4 turbines, with the firm also having supplied generators, hydraulic units, gearboxes, control systems as well as assembly and commissioning technical services.

Polotskaya is the second project in the Republic of Belarus to utilize Mavel’s KP3000K4 Kaplan PIT turbine. Each of the turbines has a runner diameter of 3000 mm, four runner blades, and was designed and manufactured at Mavel's Benesov, Czech Republic manufacturing facility and headquarters. In 2012, Mavel commissioned RUP Grodnoenergo’s 18 MW Grodnenskaya hydroelectric power project on the Neman River. This plant utilizes five similar KP3000K4 turbines.