Like the 5th unit, delivered last month to the power house, the last unit has an installed capacity of 335MW. These units will be the largest of six at the plant, the others being 33MW or 185MW capacity.

The Bureiskaya plant is being built by the national hydro utility Hydro OGK. The first of the six units was installed in 2001.

Elsewhere, Power Machines has supplied the runner for the first unit at the 670MW Sangtuda I plant in Tadjikistan. The runner is 6.36m in diameter – 20mm wider than those supplied to Bureiskaya. Start-up of the first unit is scheduled for December.

The company will build a total of four turbine-generators, each of 165.7MW capacity, for the Sangtuda I plant under a contract valued at approximately US$100M

The Sangtuda-I project will supply power domestically in Tajikistan as well as export to Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and parts of Russia.